Don’t Forget to Keep Marketing!

As we get caught up in the day to day running our pet care operations, it is easy to put off certain tasks. When an employee issue comes up or a facility maintenance issue has to be addressed it natural to put them to the top of your to do list. Let’s think about what might be suffering if you as the owner are putting out fires. One of the areas that are easily put off or neglected is marketing, however marketing is one of the most important functions to keep your business going. The nature of the pet care business … Continue reading Don’t Forget to Keep Marketing!

Is it Really Time to Considering Building or Purchasing a Second Location?

Are you finding that you have a high demand for your services and you can’t always accommodate all the requests?  If so you may also be looking at options such as building or buying a second location. Before you do that you might want to stop and look at a few things first.  Have you really reached your full potential as far as generating revenues at your existing facility?   By adding a second location you are also increasing your overhead costs, by focusing on your efficiencies and revenues where you are the increase goes right to the bottom line. A … Continue reading Is it Really Time to Considering Building or Purchasing a Second Location?

5 Reasons You Should Offer Cat Lodging

Our experience has proven there are many good and profitable reasons why you should offer cat lodging at your pet care facility.  Many dog owners have cats too!  By not offering the additional service you are forcing them to search for cat accommodations.  You risk the chance that that facility might also offer dog lodging therefore a more convenient choice.  Cats take less space than dogs and accommodations can be built vertically to cover less square footage in your facility.  You will receive a much higher return per square foot for a cat then a dog. Cats require less labor … Continue reading 5 Reasons You Should Offer Cat Lodging

Knowing when you are not the expert.

Most of us go to see our primary care physicians once a year for our annual check up.  During those checkups sometime there is an area of concern that needs further investigation, often by some sort of specialist or a series of tests are needed to diagnose a potential problem.  In this case your doctor will often refer you to a specialist to perform the needed work.  Your business health is very similar.  Sometimes it just isn’t working right; something is amiss.  It might be an operational problem or an internal system or structure that is not functioning the way … Continue reading Knowing when you are not the expert.

So you want to get into the Pet Care Industry.

Are you tired of corporate?  Maybe you have searched for the best place to lodge your pets and just can’t find it so you want to build your own.  Regardless of what has brought you to this decision it is most important that you are prepared for the process of either locating an existing business to purchase or find that perfect property to build your own.  There are several things you should consider as you venture off to achieve your dream of providing pet care services. You need to weigh the options of building vs. buying. Will you lease a … Continue reading So you want to get into the Pet Care Industry.