Delegating Your Work

If you are an owner of a small growing business you most likely have already started to realize that you cannot do it all.
If you started your business from the ground up it probably has become very personal to you, making letting go very difficult. The most successful businesses are run by leaders that can effectively delegate responsibilities to others. Don’t let the fear of letting go get in your way, your business can only grow if you delegate, otherwise your business is limited based on your capacity to complete tasks.

Something that is often difficult for leaders to do is to effectively delegate responsibilities to others. This often stems from a fear of the lack of control, but if a leader can successfully get past that fear,  he or she will be more effective. Delegating responsibilities to others involves trust so prior to delegating it is important to be sure employees are trustworthy and competent. Trusting your employees enough to start delegating with take time for them to prove themselves in all types of situations.  In order to have a competent employee, the leadership should invest time into educating and training employees. It is helpful to have structure and accountability for all tasks so you can truly measure success.

Delegation is something that virtual assistant company eaHELP encourages leaders to do, whether it is project and task management, email management, or managing travel and expenses.  There are many other tasks that can be delegated as well: accounting/bookkeeping, ordering supplies, social media, and maintenance issues.  Your business may also have marketing, website maintenance, social media, and IT support needs as well. All of these tasks as well as many more maybe able to be delegated to employees or third party vendors. It is always best to have the person or company with the proficiency and skills to assure they are being done efficiently and well. Sometimes, it will be done even better than you could do!

So you are ready to delegate what is next? Start by making a list of tasks that you typically do, and then prioritize them: tasks you love and/or only you can do and tasks that you can reassign. Choosing which tasks to reassign can be tricky, as you may be tempted to think that they are tasks that only you can do. In order to help yourself classify which you are able to reassign, ask yourself these questions:
  • Does it bring me energy or drain me?
  • Do I hate it? 
  • Do I always put it off?
  • Am I the best at performing this task?
If the tasks are ones that you put off because they drain you and you hate them, they are good tasks to delegate to someone who can do them well and enjoy doing them. Eventually, you’ll get better at delegating freeing up the time you need to work on your business, not in your business leading to further growth and success.  

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