Improving Employee Morale: Creative Benefits

Image Credit:  m01229  |CC-BY | via Wylio
Image Credit: m01229 |CC-BY  | via Wylio

We previously wrote about the importance of assessing employee morale. Today, we’ll write about ways in which owners/managers can improve employee morale. At the end of our last article, we touched on the importance of employees feeling as if they are a valued part of the organization. This is critical, as it helps the employee bond to the organization.

An employee who is on-board with the mission and vision of the organization and feels valued will be happier, and happier employees matter. In the pet care industry this mean quality pet care services resulting in happier and healthier pets.  According to this MarketWatch article,

“happier employees treat customers better, and those customers are more likely to return for another visit or at least spread the word.”

That, in turn, will increase employee efficiency, productivity,  decrease employee turnover and ultimately improve profitability.

How does an organization create a positive work environment resulting in happy employees?

The most common answer to this question is pay and benefits. However, that is not always the case so it is important to understand what motivates your workforce. Don’t be afraid to ask your employees what makes them happy at work or what motivates them. You might think it is a monetary bonus and all they want is for the company to buy pizza for lunch on Friday.

A great way to get employees involved and engaged is to seek their input. A benefit to having owners, managers, and staff work together is it gives them the ability to brainstorm. Employees will not only end up with some fun benefits to keep them happy, but they will realize that their ideas and input are important.

Here are some creative ideas that other pet care industry business owners have shared with us to help get you started on your way to a motivated and happy staff.

*Chair massages at lunch
*Free coffee, hot chocolate, and tea in the employee break room
*Pet Psychic sessions for employees
*Themed lunch days
*Hawaiian Shirt Friday
*Carnival Game Day
*Make your own ice cream sundae
*Smores Day

Share your creative ideas for motivating staff in the comments below–we want to hear them!


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