Are You Really Prepared For An Emergency?

There is an insurance company television commercial about a dog that worries about the safety of his bone. First he hides it in his doghouse, then he buries it, then he puts it in a bank.  None of these solutions solve his problem; he is still worried about the safety of his bone.  How prepared are you for an emergency?

Emergencies can take many forms: financial, physical, and operational.  Each requires a different type of preparation to ensure they don’t become life threatening to you or your business.  Do you have a plan?

The east coast recently experienced three weather related disasters in the short span of 90 days.  Flooding, high winds, excessive rain/snow, power outages, road blockages and closures were just some of the problems.

Let’s take the event of power outages as an example. As unusual storms seem to be increasing in frequency and severity, power infrastructure aging, and utility repair crews limited, long-term outages are increasingly possible.

The recent experience at our 350-animal pet care facility confirms the benefits of generator backup. When we expanded our building 6 years ago, we struggled with the decision to invest in full generator back up, but fortunately choose to do it.

The investment paid off big time following the recent freak northeastern snow storm that cost our street power for seven days. By staying in full operation with our generators, we not only protected our pets, but avoided a major financial loss.  Actually, we gained an increase in revenue over the previous year, same period, as many of our customers needed to abandon their homes and required care for their pets.

Obviously not every pet care facility needs or can afford full generator back up, but depending on your geographical location, at least minimal backup should be seriously considered.  If you don’t have the ability to have generator backup then you need an emergency preparedness plan.

The cost of generator backup may be significant, but like insurance, it protects you, the pets in your care, and your business against the unexpected major utility event.

This is just one example of an emergency situation that must be considered.  Take some time to consider other areas of your business that you may be vulnerable and have to plan for the unexpected.


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