Don’t Forget to Keep Marketing!

As we get caught up in the day to day running our pet care operations, it is easy to put off certain tasks. When an employee issue comes up or a facility maintenance issue has to be addressed it natural to put them to the top of your to do list. Let’s think about what might be suffering if you as the owner are putting out fires. One of the areas that are easily put off or neglected is marketing, however marketing is one of the most important functions to keep your business going.

The nature of the pet care business creates a natural turn over in clients whether they are moving away or clients pets are aging we all lose a percentage of good clients each year. To stay ahead it is important to have marketing activities ongoing that will continuously drive new business to your facility.

As a business owner you have to identify who is the best person to perform marketing functions. It is not always the owner. You may find that if you have someone solely focusing on this it will result in more business opportunities and subsequently more revenues.

This doesn’t mean you have to go out and hire a marketing person right away. You can start off slow maybe identifying someone who is already in your business that can take over some of the responsibilities. Sometimes hiring an outside professional is the way to go, although it might seem more costly they tend to be much more efficient and effective.

It is important to remember that marketing is not simply a task that has to be completed; it is an on-going effort that requires constant attention if it is to be effective. There is no hard and fast formula. Every business will put its own personality stamp on their marketing efforts. So jump in, the waters great! Have fun with it as you watch the revenues and profits grow as a result of your efforts.


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