Minimize Employee Turnover

Whether you currently own a pet care facility or you are planning on entering the business, your biggest operational expense is or will be labor. As business owners we need to insure that we use our labor efficiently and economically. One of the areas that can be very costly to a company is employee turnover. So how can you minimize your turn over to save your company time and money?

Surveys have shown that employees are most satisfied and productive in their jobs when they are provided with structured training. It is so important to provide this from the first day they walk through the door. Making an employee feel welcome and comfortable will make your chances of retention measurably better in the long run. Make sure you have a detailed course of action to train new employees; who will be responsible for training and what resources are available for them to train a new employee?

In addition to training for the basic job functions there are other areas that should be focused on to make the employee as comfortable as possible the first few days. For instance on the first day make sure they know where to park, what is appropriate to wear and something as simple as where is the bathroom so they don’t have to ask. Does the employee know and understand your break policy or where it is ok to eat lunch? These simple instructions will go along way toward making the new team member comfortable.

It is always best to explain expectations and company polices so employees don’t learn the hard way. Being proactive will prevent uncomfortable and time consuming employee discussions or discipline. Let’s face it, even if you give employees a handbook what is the likely hood they will read the entire thing? Point out the issues that are particularly relevant or have been raised in the past.

Make sure they have a “go to person” if they do have questions. Hopefully they will be shadowing or training with one particular person but if that person is not available or they are not comfortable going to them with a question or problem, make sure they know who else might be accessible.

Spend the time to be proactive when it comes to employee training or orientations. The employee will be happier and therefore more productive. This will free you, the owner, to spend your time in areas that will aid in the growth of the business.


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