Knowing when you are not the expert.

Most of us go to see our primary care physicians once a year for our annual check up. 

During those checkups sometime there is an area of concern that needs further investigation, often by some sort of specialist or a series of tests are needed to diagnose a potential problem.  In this case your doctor will often refer you to a specialist to perform the needed work. 

Your business health is very similar.  Sometimes it just isn’t working right; something is amiss.  It might be an operational problem or an internal system or structure that is not functioning the way you wanted it to or is starting to fail.  When this happens it is often necessary to seek outside help to diagnose and fix the problem. 

Sometimes the help is “white collar” in nature; accountants, lawyers, business consultants, engineers or financial advisors.  Other times the help is “blue collar”; tradesmen, plumbers, carpenters or electricians.  The key to determining which kind of help you need is recognizing that you have a problem, diagnosing it correctly and taking corrective action.

As a business owner it is important to know when you are no longer the “specialist” and you need outside help.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to those that have the expertise when you don’t.  Over the years we have encountered many business owners that took the cheap and easy route doing things themselves.  They would tackle things that were outside of their true skill set.  The end result was less than desirable usually resulting in wasted time and costly mistakes.

Small business owners should be prepared to call in those specialists if things are feeling right or maybe you want to take your business to a new level but aren’t sure how to get there.  There are many industry specific “specialists” that can help you “diagnose your problem” so you can correct it and start living a healthy & profitable business life.


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