Creating the WOW Factor

If you are building or renovating a pet care facility you may be considering features such as indoor pools, outdoor fountains, cat suites with DVDs or a grand lobby.  When you sit down and look at the revenue these extravagant expenses might generate, you will quickly realize if it will eventually pay for itself it will take a really long time.

So why should you incorporate some of these things into your facility and make that type of investment? If you want to set yourself apart from the competition you should consider something above and beyond the ordinary for your “WOW factor.”

You want something that people are going to talk about.  Think of the areas that your clients see: what is going to make them step back and really take a second look?   They may never purchase a swim session for their dog, but if the pool is presented in a way to impress you can be assured they will be talking about it with all their friends and family at the next cocktail party.

Consider what might attract media attention and how it will show on camera.  A beautiful lush yard with outdoor fountains can be very impressive in pictures and video.  You want to consider every little detail just as the camera would see it.  Think about what will set you apart and attract the attention your facility deserves.

We realize that some of these expenses might not generate a measurable return but what is free publicity and word of mouth referrals worth to your business?


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