Are You Limiting Yourself Based on What YOU Think Your Customers Wants?


Have you ever watched somebody order an expensive bottle of wine and thought to yourself; I would never do that?  While it may not be worth it to you, that other diner thought it was.  The owner of the restaurant probably had another selection that was more in line with your tastes and budget but the reality is the expensive wine would never have been sold unless it was on the wine list.  This is all about value.  Everyone’s value formula is different.  Don’t let your personal value formula limit your success.

We have encountered many pet care facility owners that have limited their potential because they are unwilling to explore what their clients really want.  Or they don’t have a willingness to listen to what they are asking for.  Some might consider that something like reading a bed time story and getting paid for it is ridiculous and not necessary to provide proper care.  If we stop to think about it from the pet owners prospective we will quickly see the value that they receive in “peace of mind” knowing that their pets’ routine is staying the same. 

Challenge yourself to think outside the box, what can you offer your clients that is a win-win for everyone.  The pet owner is happy, the pet is healthy & happy and you get compensated for providing a quality service.

There are many ways to get this insight from your clients.  You can do a quick survey; surveys can be done very quickly and easily with online services.  The other option might be a focus group.  Get a small group of some of our good clients and get that feedback in a face to face situation.  Usually they are more then willing to share their feeling, those feelings that are most likely similar to many other potential clients.

So don’t assume that every pet owner would only want what you want for your own pets.  Go outside your comfort zone, do a little market testing.  See what you can offer that will grow your business in the long run.  Having a wide range of offerings at different price points will give your clients more options to choose from.  You will find out quickly what offerings are valued by your clients.

So when you’re putting together your “wine list” of services, don’t forget to include some expensive [and profitable!] choices, some middle of the road selections and a few bargains so there is something for every palate.


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