Holiday Bonuses

Holiday Bonuses

As the holidays approach we all consider showing our appreciation to our staff. 

Traditionally that may have been a monetary bonus.

With recent economic downturns business owners have had to be creative to keep costs down and morale high.

 Although everyone likes money lets consider the real benefit to the company.  Bonuses become an expectation; does this impact future performance and behavior and really benefit your company?  A year end bonus encompasses the entire year and isn’t tied to any specific accomplishment.

 It might if connected to specific measurable goals.  If bonuses are discretionary reconsider your structure.

 Here are a few ideas:

 Hold a company wide game – employees can earn points toward prizes

    • Points should be rewarded for specific achievements such as sales goals, work efficiency, perfect attendance, catching signs of a sick animal, etc…

Set goals and when achieved – buy the staff lunch or have an ice cream party.

    • Are you promoting a new service?
    • Set a goal, such as we want to sell 100 Holiday Treats by December 25th.
    • You will have additional revenues and the staff will be rewarded!

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